Contextual Implementation

Whenever your teams face uncertainty it's never a good idea to leave success to chance. We provide the most relevant content, training and support in order to guarantee ongoing project cohesion.

Project Support

We help solve Revit problems that keep your team on track by embedding one or more of our team members to keep your team on track.

Content Creation

We create content that is accurate, effective, and keeps your team on time and on budget. Let us help kick-start your team with families, templates, and updated graphic standards.

BIM Workflow Support

We augment your current workflow by helping implement and integrate technology and processes that increase your capacity, efficiency, and service offerings.

Project Modeling

By focusing on teaching principles in the morning and applying them to billable production in the afternoon, our training is made less distracting by applying knowledge to real projects.


Real Time Simulation

Whenever your customers are confronted with dynamic questions it requires more than a static answers. Our proprietary technologies and processes deliver emotive clarity with analytic onfidence

Real Time Visualization

Having the ability to walk or fly around a design is pivotal to understanding problem areas and explaining design or construction intent. Let us show you how we create immersive environments around your design.

Environment Simulation

With an emphasis on weather, sun, shadow, pedestrian, and vehicular analysis we can help provide context to your design or construction process that allows for stronger understanding.

Active Security Simulation

By linking video surveillance cameras to building information models we provide a real time immersive security environment that lets you tag, follow, and move around a building in first or third person. This eliminates complex camera switching or hard to use security systems.

Life Safety Simulation

We provide an array of life safety simulation exercises that provide contextual life safety feedback to any simulated situation you can think of.


Customized Development

Whenever your tools fall short of project expectations a more elegant fit and finish is required. By creating applications that augment and automate redundant and error prone tasks you can focus on what matters most.

Plugins & Add-ons

When its time to extend your current technology we can create company specific add-ons that boost your value and increase your efficiency.

Software Development

When current software simply doesn't help, it may be time to create a completely new product. We can build these to products for you or partner with you to deliver them to your clients

Hardware Support

Everything can't be solved with software and people. You need proper hardware to aid in effective communication. Let us help spec your next computers, servers, data solutions, and peripherals.

Web App Development

Harnessing the web to create new solutions as well as using the web to interconnect current technologies can be extremely valuable. Our aim is to increase productivity and decrease time spent fixing errors.